Sunday, 9 March 2014

Touchstone Submission

The demiurge, the child god who materialised from spirit with the face of a lion with serpents surrounding his body. The one who reorganised the chaotic matter to form the heavens and the earth, he/him, who was at the beginning and, they/them, in the present.
Always he has been in the shadows watching and waiting for the right time to make the world know of his greatness. Through the eons he has appeared to man only in their thoughts and dreams, inciting worship in hidden cults all over the world.
As the divine moulder of creation to him these things are attested: the earth and the bodies which were moulded from it, the air that we breath and the waters we drink and bath in, the birds and the beasts, agriculture and its tools, the wisdom of the stars, and all of mankind's advances and technology. To him these are attested. As these things were made from within him and reside within him.
However, with all his great works very few know his name. But, one of these hidden cultures have risen to a prominent position within the populace. They call his name without  hesitation, in public places, in popular songs and in the face of death. To them his face is royal in appearance, a symbol of freedom, strength and power. They brandish his colours to signify their loyalty while wearing their covenant without shame.
Yaldabaoth sees a way of coming to earth to mingle among these people, so to rule and guide his creation as the god king he is, in a place where he is already accepted, while being embraced as their father. Nevertheless, Yaldabaoth moves cautiously, not wanting to fully leave and relinquish power in his on realm, he seeks a way of being in two places at once. while giving equal weighting of power to both images of himself, so his strength will not be compromised. His face will not be a problem as it already shines through all levels of existence in all his realms and mansions, the illuminating, Sol, represented as Leo by astrologers and by his people as the lion king.
Yaldabaoth perceives the flesh of this man how remembers him, and sees the decoration that he has used to adorned it. The arts that he has given man he shall now use for himself to adorn the parts of his flesh that he wishes man to see..Yaldabaoth has asked me {Orisakolade}, his faithful servant, to create a suite of flesh for him, to now greet his people, a skin that represents his majestic being and that allows him to roam among man uninhibited.

·         Yaldabaoth will be fashioned for an adult cartoon animation, as he will first make his big appearance to the world on the, now, most popular media, 3D animation. The final product should be a posed character ready for production, with production ready stills for promotional use.
·         Design an earthly body for Yaldabaoth, representing him as the demiurge, which allows him to walk among present day man.
·         The style used will be a bold hyper realistic cartoon rendition. Body art will introduce colour which will be based on Japanese tattoo art.
·         Concept art will be created and sent to the demiurge for feedback.
·         Once artwork is approved a polygon suite will be fashioned for him. Following, textures will be applied with the coloured aspect of his body portraying his physical aspect and the monochromatic his invisible form. However, the head will be visible through all the realms, and may contain colour or not.
·         Rig and skin Yaldabaoth so he may be posed for promotional shots on posters.    









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